I must and I must127

I must sleeplessly raise my aspiration-heart. I must immediately lower my resistance-mind.

I must never allow my aspiration-heart and dedication-life to fall asleep at my Beloved Supreme’s God-manifestation-wheel.

I must never allow inferiority’s quick and wild invasion of my heart. At the same time, I must never allow superiority’s vainglory-aggrandisement to enter into my mind.

My sense of helplessness, unworthiness and uselessness definitely is my own creation. Nobody has thrust these weaknesses upon me. I must not allow them to force me to walk towards my spirituality-graveyard.

Here and now I must draw the curtain over my uncertainty-mind. I must bring to the fore my confidence-heart, which is always eager to listen to the Dictates of my Inner Pilot. I must completely evacuate my mind’s complaint-department, for it is only with oneness-love that I can have peace in my mind.

I must never neglect my heart’s enthusiasm-fragrance-garden. I must never carry with me my yesterday’s elephant-heavy frustration-burden. In spite of my teeming weaknesses, my Lord Supreme tells me that He will, before long, grant me His Eternity’s Peace and Infinity’s Grace. “Why, why, why?” I ask my Lord Beloved Supreme. He tells me that His choice Hour has struck for me. Now I am consciously willing to listen to His Dictates. I am consciously willing to change; I am consciously willing to be moulded, guided and liberated from the meshes of ignorance-night by Him.

My Lord Supreme to please in His own Way is the sole reason I came into the world. I must and I must please and fulfil Him at every moment. His Satisfaction can be my only satisfaction. There is no other way. This solemn promise of my entire being I am now offering to my Inner Pilot Absolute Supreme.

127. Chiles Auditorium, University of Portland; Portland, Oregon, USA, 12 June 1989. This was the sixth annual Sidney Albert Interfaith Lecture. Sri Chinmoy was introduced by Dr. Louis Vaccaro, President of the College of Saint Rose.