Question: What are the objectives of your Peace Concerts?3

Sri Chinmoy: I offer Peace Concerts so that I can be of service to the people who are aspiring for a better life.

Question: In the last Millennium there were many wars. What do you expect from the New Millennium?

Sri Chinmoy: This new century, the Twenty-First Century, will see the beginning of world peace. It may take time, but slowly and steadily this world of ours will have peace, lasting peace.

Question: How many instruments do you usually play at a Peace Concert?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on the Peace Concert. When it is a very big concert, with thousands and thousands of people, at that time I play about twenty instruments. Today, because it was a smaller concert, I played about twelve instruments.

Question: One of our upcoming lectures will be about how people can fulfil their dreams. This is the objective of many people. In your view, how can people fulfil their dreams?

Sri Chinmoy: People can fulfil their dreams only through prayers and meditations. If we can pray and meditate regularly, then all our dreams will be fulfilled. Again, sometimes we have good dreams; sometimes we have bad dreams. Good dreams mean that we want to become better human beings, we want to fulfil God’s Dream on earth. Bad dreams are those in which we would like to be very great so that we can rule the whole world. One is the dream of desire; the other is the dream of aspiration. With the desire-dream we want to govern the world. With the aspiration-dream we want to love the world and become very good citizens of the world.

Question: How do you explain your philosophy in a few words?

Sri Chinmoy: My philosophy is the acceptance of this world. We shall have to accept this world as it is now. Then we have to pray and meditate to make the world better. We shall not go away from the world because the world is not good. No, we shall have to be in the world to make the world better. Our philosophy is to make the world better with prayers and meditations.

OGT 23. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions from several television stations after his Peace Concert at the Bourbon Hotel, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, on 9 January 2000