Sri Ramakrishna's magic touch11

I am telling you a most significant story. Four or five years ago, at the 47-mile race in honour of my birthday, the pain in my knee was unbearably excruciating. I went to the race only to bless the runners and the helpers. I passed by the counters and then I walked another ten or fifteen metres. I was in such agony. I came to the place where I used to play tennis against the wall.

I was meditating on the Supreme. My knee pain became so severe that I could not take even one step forward. All of a sudden I saw Sri Ramakrishna. He came up and sympathised with me and touched my knee. With his touch, my pain completely disappeared. I was in the seventh Heaven of delight. How could the pain be completely gone? I started walking with such joy, the way I did many years ago.

I told Sri Ramakrishna, “I have had this knee problem for some time.”

He said, “Why do you have to suffer? I am happy only when you do not have pain. Now you have transcended the pain.”

Another two hundred metres I walked with such delight. Savyasachi’s car was waiting for me outside the track. I was about to enter into the car when, alas, the same pain returned. I said, “How little time you were gone from my life!”

For those three or five minutes, I felt my Ashram life once more. My knees became so powerful! I cannot describe the happiness I got.

OGT 41. 23 September 1997, New York