Computers, e-mail and spirituality12

Dear ones, please take me seriously when I request you not to indulge in e-mail for spiritual activities. If you want to be good disciples, then you must not use e-mail for your spiritual life. If you think you are manifesting the divine light in a faster than the fastest way with e-mail, then I wish to tell you that you are not manifesting the light, but you are only going away faster than the fastest from me, from my divine consciousness, from my divinity. In every possible way human beings try to remain in the world of indulgence and comfort. They try to discover instant God-realisation, the way instant coffee is available. Perhaps there are spiritual Masters who can give instant God-realisation. Unfortunately, I am not one of those. My approach is the sincere heart’s inner cry.

If you want to use e-mail for the purpose of your business, your work, I have nothing to say. But please remember, I have told you many, many times that using the computer for your livelihood is enough. For the purpose of your livelihood, I will immediately say that many things are necessary. Beyond necessity please do not go.

If you work with computers and you want to become a multi-millionaire, then you can become a multi-millionaire in your outer life. But more than is necessary for your livelihood if you enter into the computer-world, then you are going away farther than the farthest from your divinity. For your business, you may do anything you like. Definitely it is all right. But for spiritual purposes, please do not use e-mail. It is like trying to supply instant God-realisation. This so-called God-realisation should not be spread to others.

Again I am telling you, whether you believe it or not, that if you are indulging in computers more than is necessary for your livelihood, then you have to feel that you are nowhere in the spiritual life. At the end of your journey’s close you will believe it. Necessity knows no law, but beyond necessity if you are entering into the computer-world, you are only trying to create instant God-realisation in your spiritual life. God-realisation is not another type of instant coffee. If you want to make progress, bring to the fore your heart’s inmost cries. Shed bitter tears for God. Do not turn the spiritual life into a comfortable life. The spiritual life is not for luxury.

There was a time, for years and years, when I was strongly opposed to television. I saw that people were watching television in the name of world information. Information is not illumination. Now I show comedy at my house to provide relaxation for some disciples who work very hard. To protect them from undivine activities, I invite them to watch innocent comedy. It is only to protect a few people who devotedly serve our spiritual family. But for years and years I was against television. Recently I read that some parents had hoped that their children would become wise by watching television. Now the same parents feel miserable that their children have badly descended by watching television. This is the point of view of many parents.

If you want to make your life faster than the fastest, do it — but not when your spirituality is involved. If you are prepared to be a useless seeker, then you can enjoy your computer genius and do whatever you want. But do not mix real spirituality with the computer-brain. The more you unnecessarily develop your computer-brain-power, the sooner you will become bankrupt in your heart-life, your spiritual life. If you want to follow the spiritual life, if you want God, then use your heart, not your brain. Brain-power will never, never allow you to approach God’s Heart. Only your heart-power will allow you to enter into His Heart. Your heart-magnet and God’s Heart-Magnet will work together.

Faster than the fastest you may want to go in the spiritual life, but do not bring a machine into the picture. If a machine could have given a human being the capacity to run faster than the fastest, God would have placed the machine above the human being. In the process of evolution we advance from the stone life to the plant life to the animal life to the human life. If computers were more developed than human beings, then God would have put them above human life. Will computers realise God long before man? No! We have to feel that man is still the highest on the ladder of evolution. If human beings adopt something which they think is higher than man’s heart, then I am the wrong person to appreciate it.

If you want to follow our path, please stay on the strength of your heart’s cries, not the brilliance of your brain. Otherwise, at the end of your life you will say, “What have I done?” At that time I will say, “What did you do? Ask yourself.”

Again, it is a question of necessity. Do not go beyond necessity. Speed is needed, but if I have the capacity to run a mile in ten minutes and all of a sudden I start to run at a five-minute pace, then I will collapse and die. Go forward with inner speed, according to your capacity, according to your adaptability. Ask yourself how far you can go, how deep you want to dive into the spiritual life. Ask yourself! There are millions of people on earth who have not accepted the spiritual life, so you can once again join them if you wish. You can say that your spiritual life was an adventure. You studied at this spirituality-school for five years or ten years or fifteen years or twenty years, and now the adventure is all over. Please make the choice. Do not mix your brain’s efficiency with your heart’s cries.

Unfortunately, the stronger you are unnecessarily making your computer-brain, the weaker you are making your heart. The faster you want to go scientifically, the slower will be your spiritual progress. If God is our goal, then the heart is the way to go to God. If something else is our goal, then definitely science and computers will take us there. But that destination will never be God. No! Science and computers are also part of God, but the thing that will take us to God is the heart’s cry and nothing else. Please choose your speed. If you choose the speed that you cannot control, your spirituality will be at stake at every moment.

Again, for your business, for your work, you can do anything that you like. But when it is a matter of spirituality, if you cannot live without the computer, then I can say that your spirituality can live without you. True spirituality can live without you if you cannot live without your computer and your e-mail. Spirituality is a subject of the heart, of the soul. If you want to study this subject in your own way, you are at perfect liberty to do so. But as long as you keep me as your teacher, then my way kindly follow.

OGT 42. 29 December 1997 Guatemala City, Guatemala