The Master's prediction14

This story is about the divine side of some human beings.

Two ladies came to see a spiritual Master. Both of them were great friends. The son of one of them was sitting for an examination. Her friend asked the spiritual Master, “What result will this boy get?”

The spiritual Master immediately said, “He has done extremely well. You will see.”

The mother of the boy was very happy and her friend was very happy also.

A few weeks later, the result came in. The poor fellow did very badly. Now, what happened? The mother of the boy came back to see the spiritual Master. This time, her friend did not accompany her.

The Master asked the lady, “So, what was the result?”

She replied, “Oh, my son failed.”

“Then why did you come back to me, and why did your friend not come back?” asked the spiritual Master.

The lady said, “My friend has lost faith in you because your prediction did not come true.”

Still the Master persisted. “Then why did you come?”

“I do not have to worry.”

“Why not?”

“I came here to have peace. I did not come here to know what my son’s results would be. As soon as I look at you, I receive such joy, such peace. This is what I need, not the results of my son’s examination.”

Look at this! She came to the Master to have peace and, when she looked at the Master, she was getting such peace. Her friend did not return to see the Master because his prediction had not come true.

OGT 44. 13 January 1998, Piramides Hotel Cancun, Mexico