My uncle rejects his occult power15

My distant maternal uncle had so many occult powers. After some time, he stopped using them. Why? Because the villagers were always bothering him. They would come to him and say, “A cow has been stolen from this village.” Then they would beg him to use his occult powers to find the cow. He would concentrate for a moment and say, “In a particular village, four or five hours away, you will find it.” That kind of thing he used to do from time to time. He would use his occult powers for these village problems.

Finally he started crying, crying and crying. “This is what my occult power is for?” he asked. Then he cried to Mother Kali, “Mother, save me, save me!”

Mother Kali gave him the message to deliberately say everything wrong. From then on, every time the villagers came to him because their cow had been stolen, or because they wanted to find a thief, immediately he would give the wrong answer. Eventually, the villagers lost all faith in him and stopped bothering him. Then my uncle became the happiest person. Once again, he was able to pray and meditate on Mother Kali in peace. He said, “I wanted peace. Now I have got it back.”

By telling people what had really happened, he became so miserable. By making false pronouncements, he was able to get back such peace in his life.

OGT 45. 13 January 1998, Piramides Hotel, Cancun, Mexico