Swimming the English Channel34

How I wish all those who are not succeeding in swimming the English Channel would try to develop speed — speed, speed, speed! Please develop speed. You have endurance, stamina and perseverance, but you all need speed. Otherwise, at what time the hostile forces will come in the form of huge waves or a strong current to hinder your progress we cannot say. When you have speed, these wrong forces are not as powerful.

For everything in life, if you are very fast, your dynamism silences to a great extent the adversaries. Most of our swimmers have stamina. If you do not have stamina, then please develop it. But do not forget to develop speed. In everything, speed is of paramount importance.

Karteek has swum the English Channel four times. He has to do it three more times, for a total of seven times!35 And do not forget that our oldest family member to cross the Channel is Trishakash. In terms of age, he has defeated everybody. I am very proud, very proud of Trishakash.

OGT 63. 15 August 2002, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

OGT 63,3. Karteek has swum the English Channel ten times as of the date of preparation of this book. In 2007, Vijaya swam the Channel at the age of 59, thus becoming the oldest American woman to do so. Trishakash’s record as the oldest Canadian national to complete the crossing (at age 57) stands to this day