Visit to The Pilgrimage of the Heart Boutique, San Diego36

This store is Heaven. I mean it! Everywhere there is real spirituality, but things like jewellery should not be near the counter. You can put them at any other place. Jewellery represents outer prosperity. I want this store to show inner fragrance everywhere. If you keep outer prosperity right in front of your nose, it is not good. It reduces the inner fragrance. You can definitely keep it in the store, and people will buy it; but this counter is the place where the customers have to feel the utmost inner fragrance. Here they pay for everything. They select an item and bring it here. Jewellery has to be somewhere else. This is my only criticism.

Jewellery brings in a material consciousness. It represents material wealth. Material wealth should not be kept at a very prominent place. You can keep spiritual books or some other spiritual items here. Even in ordinary stores we see little, little books, inspirational books, at the counter. When customers come to this store, they have to take away the utmost inspiration — inspiration for spirituality, not for material wealth.

OGT 64. 21 September 2002, San Diego, California