Visit to St. Charles Borromeo School, Harlem, New York37

Today our Pravin has given me boundless joy, boundless joy and boundless pride. His students are so well disciplined, so good, to say the least! And their principal is super-super-super-excellent. After I had lifted her, she gave the students a speech. You should have heard her speech. I could not believe it! It was all about Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy! Of course, perhaps I have borrowed from Christianity, since the Christ lived before me. Then she thanked me profusely. She said it was such an honour to be lifted. She was telling me, “When you lifted me, I felt so light! And I have such peace!” This was the principal. The atmosphere was simply divinely beautiful. The rooms and halls were so clean, tidy and spacious.

A few months ago, I went to another children’s school. Alas, that one was most discouraging. The children were unruly, and they misbehaved. The location was a very, very dangerous place. Pravin’s school gave me abundant joy, satisfaction and pride.

At one point today, I saw Sakhshat talking to the children. I heard only the words “Sri Chinmoy, Sri Chinmoy.” Perhaps every sentence he started with “Sri Chinmoy.” The children were listening so carefully. There was no laughing. Usually, when people give talks to children, they giggle, they push each other and they do not pay any attention. But these children were listening to him. Very, very seriously they were listening. From time to time I saw Pravin also talking to them. They were behaving extremely well.

OGT 65. 8 May 2003, New York