Part III — The spiritual science of the body

Question: What is the third eye?

Sri Chinmoy: The third eye is the eye that has real vision. Real vision means seeing the past, the present and the future. The two physical eyes that we have can see only a limited distance. We can see forward or sideways, but we cannot see behind us. Also, even if we keep our eyes wide open and if there is a wall or something to obstruct our vision, we cannot see through the wall or beyond it. If we keep our eyes wide open and place our hands right in front of our eyes, we will not see anything beyond them.

But if we have the third eye open, we can see the past, present and future. We can see everything that is in the Beyond. What we have inside our heart, inside our soul, or inside our inner existence, we cannot see with the human eye. It is impossible. But with the third eye we can see everything there. The third eye embodies Vision.When the will of the soul comes forward or enters into the third eye, then the third eye starts functioning. That is to say, the third eye uses its will power. Although the eye is seeing the Vision, the actual power comes from the heart and soul. When this power enters into the third eye, the third eye functions in a most powerful way. We use the term "will power." Will power actually comes from the soul and then it enters into the third eye, and the third eye uses this will power. The third eye is the eye that envisions everything-the finite and the infinite-at its will.

The third eye may remain fast asleep. All those here are seekers. In some cases the third eye is fast asleep and has been so for God knows how many centuries. In some cases for a fleeting second it opens up and then, perhaps during a dream or when the seeker is fast asleep, he sees something very bright and vast. At that moment, the third eye is open. The third eye may open at any time-while we are fast asleep, while we are talking, while we are eating or while we are praying-it is up to the Will of the Supreme. It may happen that we have been praying for hours, days, months and years, but our third eye has not opened. When it is the Will of God, the third eye will open and we will get a glimpse of Reality, even though we may be eating at that time.