Question: I feel that the Supreme has opened my third eye. Will you tell me what I should do from here?

Sri Chinmoy: If you are convinced that He has opened your third eye, then I wish to say that your third eye has all the answers. The third eye can tell you the answer better than I. The third eye is Light and Immensity. It is all Light, Light, Light. When you are in possession of Light, what can I offer you? If your third eye is opened, it can illumine the entire universe. Your third eye can illumine not only your universe, but the entire universe of the Supreme Lord. When your third eye is opened, it will do everything for you. It will tell you what to do and what not to do, for it is all Light. You will have all the wealth you need. What will you do with the wealth? The wealth itself will tell you how it is to be used. It is not like material wealth. If somebody has material wealth, he may not know how to use it. But this wealth, this Light is different. This Light will immediately tell you how it is to be used. Spiritual Light has its own way of telling the real seeker how it is to be used in the world. When you feel the presence of the opening of your third eye during your meditation, you won't have to ask anything. The Light itself will regulate your life and will guide you.