Question: Sometimes you ask us if a disciple is in a good mood or a bad mood, so couldn't we tell if we use that method?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly you can. You try, but there is another way which you can also try. If you see someone, you don't have to look at that person's face. Just concentrate on your heart, which is eternally vast and then, for a fleeting second, open your heart's door. Your vast heart has become the house. When you open the door, the person in question will see such a beautiful vast heart and he will want to enter. At that time you will watch and see if he is in a good consciousness, if he is looking for my picture or shrine. But if he is in a bad consciousness, then he will be puzzled and try to hide. Bad consciousness people always try to hide. Even when they are in front of me, they keep their eyes closed, although they are not in trance. They are like a crow. A crow hides the jewel and thinks that because he can't see it, nobody can see it. Like this, some of the disciples keep their eyes closed and think that I won't be able to see their face. But naturally what goes on inside their heart is in their face, and I can see it.

So immediately you will be able to tell. If the person is hiding, if he has done something wrong, easily you can tell. Again, if he is looking for my picture or shrine, from the movement and gesture inside, you can know that he is in a good consciousness. But the other way, identifying with his breath, you can also do.