Experiences in the spiritual realm

Question: A few months ago I had a very unusual experience. Very early in the morning while I was still asleep, I felt a force in me, and I felt physically as though there was a lot of air in my head and no matter how many undivine thoughts tried to come to my mind, this force would not let them in.

Sri Chinmoy: For a fleeting second God, out of His infinite Bounty, opened up your third eye. It was the Light of the third eye which you experienced as force-power, which has the capacity to destroy all undivine evil thoughts. When your third eye has been opened, it destroys all your past undivine actions. And while destroying, it is also purifying your entire existence so no undivine thoughts can enter into your mind or disturb your meditation. This is a very, very high experience that God has granted you.

Many times it happens that seekers get some very, very high experience. It is not due to their own aspiration. It is merely due to a deep meditation. Sometimes, out of His infinite Compassion, God offers us some high experience. Why does He do it? He does it because once we see Light, we hope that we will see it once again, and we work very hard in our spiritual life.

It is like this. A father gives a child a dollar. Immediately, the child comes to see the value of the dollar. The father is not going to give a dollar every day, and the child knows that he will have to work for it in order to get it. Otherwise, if there is nothing for the child to appreciate, admire or strive for, then the child will not work. Here also, the Eternal Father sometimes gives us an iota of Light. Then, because we are extremely pleased with it, and we feel that we need that very thing desperately, we shall work for it.