Question: Do you achieve this through meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: It is all done through meditation. But we use the term "aspiration." If you have an inner cry, that is called aspiration. If a child cries, no matter where the mother is the mother comes running to feed the child. Similarly, if you have the inner cry or aspiration, you will get Light, Bliss, Delight, Ecstasy and divine Power — not the human power that breaks, but the divine Power that energises and fulfils. All this we get from aspiration. Aspiration includes concentration, meditation and contemplation. These are three rungs of the spiritual ladder. We start with concentration. Then the second step is meditation and the third step is contemplation. After this comes the final step in which our consciousness becomes totally merged in the Absolute.

Meditation is certainly the answer. If we cry for material objects and many other things, we get them. Similarly, if we meditate on a divine object or inwardly cry for it, we are bound to get it.