Question: Could you please speak about the different colours in auras? I saw blue light around you.

Sri Chinmoy: Blue is the colour of spirituality. Blue represents infinity, and blue represents creativity in its crystal form. It is the colour blue that constantly grows in the human nature as well as in the divine nature. When it grows in our human nature, it tries to expand our limited human nature. When it grows in our divine nature, it tries to spread the Truth, to manifest the Truth that it already embodies. In human nature it tries to expand, in divine nature it tries to manifest its own Light. The colour blue, if it is sky-blue, is the colour of Sri Krishna, India's second Avatar.

Blue is my colour as well. It represents my inner realisation of the Highest, Absolute Supreme. As a spiritual Master, I have all the colours in my aura, as all spiritual Masters do. Ordinary human beings have one colour in their aura. Some have two or three if they are advanced. But usually ordinary human beings do not have more than three. But in the case of a spiritual Master, his aura has all the colours. If somebody sees orange around me, he will not be mistaken. I have blue, green, orange, red and all colours in my aura. But my favourite colour, my most prominent colour is blue. After that comes gold. Blue is the height, highest Height, and gold is the revelation of that Height. When gold colour touches the earth-atmosphere, it becomes a reddish colour. That is the Power aspect when it is being manifested. When disciples see bright red it is one manifestation of this golden colour in the physical, earth-atmosphere. Some disciples see a golden colour, gold all around me. At that time they see my manifestation on a higher level of consciousness.