Question: How can we think of new questions to ask you?

Sri Chinmoy: Perhaps there will never be time in this incarnation for all the questions that could be asked. In one sense it is a supreme loss if the questions that can be asked are not answered by me. But in another sense, there is no such thing as a loss, for there is only one question, and that question has already been answered thousands of years ago. Thousands of seekers have asked the same question, "Who am I?" The immediate answer was given: "I am none other than God." Each individual is none other than God.

The same question has been asked since the moment creation was started. That question was always answered immediately. The question and answer are almost simultaneous. The question came from the Source. The answer was also given from the same Source. That question came from the creation, and the answer came from the Creator. Again, if you dive deep within, you will see that it was the Creator who wanted to know who He was. That is why He made Himself the Creator and asked his creation who He was. So either you can say the creation asked the question and Creator gave the answer, or you can say that the Creator had Himself given both the question and the answer.