Part II — The consciousness of the Master's writings

Question: Do your writings carry a special force?

Sri Chinmoy: My writings are not borrowed thoughts, but the expressions of my own experience. Some philosophers, professors and scholars borrow ideas from others; the ideas they write about do not come from their own realisation. In my case, my grammar may be absolutely wrong, but the consciousness that I reveal is a divine consciousness. So even if I say, "I goes," there is no problem. But when I say "I", it will carry tremendous spiritual strength and spiritual power. This is true not only when I say it, but also when all spiritual Masters say it.

In my case, since I have written considerably, I tell my disciples to read my writings first. See how many years it will take you to read my writings soulfully! You should mark the sections that appeal to you most, and then read them again. Feel that these sections are like mantras that you repeat again and again and again. If you like a poem, you can read it every day if you want to. But you have to read everything at least once in order to make a selection. If you do not read everything once, how will you know which one you like best? In order to make a selection you go to a store and select the thing you like best. But without seeing everything, how will you make the choice?

If a disciple reads my writings as a form of meditation on me and on the Supreme, then he is in my consciousness. If he reads my writings a second time, then again he will get my consciousness.