Question: Can we determine who our Guru is from reading his writings?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all you have to feel the Guru's acceptance of you and also your acceptance of the Guru. It is not that you will read some books and you will all of a sudden be transported into a plane of joy or delight. You have read a particular Master's book, let us say, and all of a sudden you feel transported and believe that this Master is meant for you. But then tomorrow you may read the writings of some other Master, and you will get extreme delight and feel that he is your Guru. The day after you will read somebody else's writings, and you may feel the same kind of joy in a different way. Just by reading somebody's works, you will not be able to accept or reject a particular Master. Only through your meditation will you be able to know who gives you the most delight.

Suppose you are in doubt about two or three Masters whom you may want to accept. Early in the morning, most soulfully repeat one of their names seven times only. Then, the next day you will repeat somebody else's name. You are bound to get the deepest joy by uttering the name of the particular Master who is meant for you. But by reading books, please do not confuse yourself. Many, many spiritual Masters have written wonderful things, but if you want to offer your existence or acceptance to someone just because you like his writings, you may be making a mistake.