Part III — The Master's manifestation

Question: Could you speak about the mutual acceptance of the Guru and disciple?

Sri Chinmoy: The Guru unconditionally accepts the responsibility for the disciple. This responsibility involves the disciple's aspiration, meditation, love, devotion and surrender. And at the same time, the true disciple wholeheartedly accepts the responsibility of the Guru. The Guru's responsibility is to spread the Message, the Light of the Supreme. On the strength of your oneness with the Guru's consciousness, you become one with the Guru's responsibility. When you fulfil the Guru's responsibility, you feel that you are spreading the Message of the infinite Supreme. When you spread the Message of the Supreme in the Guru, at that time you are taking on your own shoulders the responsibility of the Guru. So the Guru takes the disciple's responsibility and the disciple takes the Guru's responsibility.

You are young. I want you to run the fastest in the inner worlds, like a deer towards the Goal, as I used to run in my teens. You are fresh, green, pure, new. You are energetic. I want you to utilise all your divine, dynamic qualities to the fullest extent in your daily life, inner and outer. So with my heart's deepest joy, love, blessing and concern, I bless you.