Question: There have been many times that people have called me to work at the printing press and do other things, but I always do homework instead. Should I stop doing all my homework?

Sri Chinmoy: No. No. No. I have repeatedly told you that your student life comes first. Regularly you come to the Centre. Regularly you have to meditate early in the morning. Then comes your school life and then comes the press. Otherwise, if you fail in your studies, your parents will be upset.

In the case of students, I always say that it is necessary to study. Your parents have allowed you to go to school and they meet with your expenses. So you have to please them. As long as I ask you to study, please study. First comes regular morning meditation, then Centre meditation, then your studies; then comes the press or some other selfless service. Otherwise, if you fail in your studies, you will be in serious trouble. For students, school life comes first.

There are many who do nothing after work. They are not students; they just work six or seven hours at their job and then they go home and wallow in the pleasures of ignorance. They have to make a choice between serving the Supreme, and sleeping at home or just wasting time. In these cases, if they are good disciples, the Centre activities count. The divine manifestation comes first. For some disciples, there is no Sunday, Monday or Tuesday; seven days a week they are active. In this way they will make the fastest progress.