Her heart completely opened to me34

During the last three years other life, Pulak’s mother’s heart completely opened to Sri Chinmoy — completely! She accepted me wholeheartedly for the last three years. Even a few days before she breathed her last, Pulak was holding one of my books in front of her and she was reading or looking at the book. She could not speak. Afterwards, when he put the book on the table, she pointed to it so that he would pick it up again. She looked at my Transcendental Photograph, she looked at my smiling picture, and she looked at a picture of Pulak and me. This was her passing.

A few inner messages she has given me. One of her messages is, “Guru Sri Chinmoy, I am in your Silence-Heart-Home. I am my soul’s ever-increasing gratitude.” These are her own words.

Pulak’s mother’s name was Toni Viscardi. This morning I drew two special birds. One bird has a “G” in it, and the other bird has a “T” in it. If you very, very soulfully and carefully look at these two birds, you will realise what the meaning is.

[Sri Chinmoy offered the disciples cookies with the message and the birds printed on the wrapping.]

Please, for a few seconds, look at it soulfully, before you eat the cookie.

[While giving the prasad cookies, Sri Chinmoy sang part of the song “Phire chalo” again and again, offering the following translation:]

“In the sky the birds are singing and saying there is no death, there is no death. In life there is death, in death there is life. Therefore, there is no death, there is no death.”

On her birthday a couple of years ago, Pulak’s mother very kindly gave me a love offering with a note. The following year she gave me half the amount. I cut a joke with Pulak about it. Pulak is such a wonderful son! He took the message about my joke to his mother. Then his mother gave another offering to equal her previous offering.

She passed away one day after her birthday. For her birthday, she remained.

In one of her previous incarnations she was in a royal family. I saw her picture. Two days ago Pulak gave me a picture of her when she was young. Pulak has great doubts with regard to his mother’s age in this picture. I thought she was about forty years old, but Pulak said that she was well over fifty. She looks very beautiful and very dynamic. When I saw the picture,

I said, “Definitely she belonged to a royal family.”

Pulak said that his mother had told him her ancestors in Italy were of a royal family.

OOP 28. 20 March 2002, P.S. 86, Jamaica, New York