Very happy in the other world33

[Sri Chinmoy made the following comments to Pulak after his mother’s passing.]

Kindly say to your aunts that your mother is very happy in the other world. In that way you can bring happiness to her sisters. Say to them, “I can see, I can feel that she is very happy.” Otherwise, your mother’s passing will be a tremendous shock for them. This is called preparation before the injection. Make them feel that you yourself are happy. If you go to see them while you are crying, that will kill them. You have to make yourself strong. That strength will help them. Otherwise, they will break. Always your happiness will act like strength in their hearts.

Sisters may quarrel and fight, but they suffer badly when death appears. My sister suffered badly when our family members died. Our family is like that. If one person gets a headache, the other one so sincerely feels it. They absolutely take the side of the other party. They may quarrel, but then their quarrelling is over, and they have such concern and sincere feeling for each other. I have seen it with my own eyes.

Your mother has received my blessings two times. In the last three years her heart completely opened to me.

OOP 27. 17 March 2002, Sri Chinmoy's home, Jamaica, New York