"You are the best gift"1

This is a story about Dimitri, Irina Malikova's little son.2 Today I was talking to him on the phone. I said, “Lotika will be here shortly. When she goes back to Moscow, I will send lots and lots of gifts for you.”

Then he said, “But Guru, you are the best gift.”

I could not believe it! I asked Irina if she had told him to say that, and she said, “Oh no, Guru, not this time. But previously when you used to send gifts, I would say, ‘Guru is the best gift.’”

So softly and sweetly he said to me, “But Guru” — he calls me Guru — “you are the best gift.”

  1. OOP 35. 23 March 2002, P.S. 86, Jamaica, New York

  2. OOP 35,1. Irina Malikova, a dear friend of Sri Chinmoy, was at that time the Chief of International Relations at the Gorbachev Foundation.