Question: I am too sensitive. My feelings get hurt too easily.

Sri Chinmoy: When somebody says something to you and you are hurt, you have to know that your forgiveness power is infinitely more powerful than the attack you have received. If someone has attacked you, just think of your own weapon and pay him back. You have to take the insult and give him back the real punishment, which is forgiveness. If you also insult the person, it means that you are fighting back on the same level; and no one knows who will win. It is like infantry soldiers fighting. But if a plane drops a bomb from above, the poor infantry is lost. So when someone attacks you, remember your forgiveness-power. Then immediately go and drop your forgiveness-bomb. It is the most powerful weapon in God's creation. If you do that, those people will not be able to attack you because you will have weakened them with your forgiveness-bomb.