Question: Talking too much.

Sri Chinmoy: Like spiritual father, like spiritual daughter. But in my case, I am a divine thief. If I talk too much, no harm. I can draw from the cosmic energy. I just talk, talk, talk; then I steal energy from where it is unlimited. But you cannot become an expert thief like me, so there are several things you can do. If you know how many hours you are talking, just try to minimise it by fifteen minutes every week. Another way is to count how many times you are talking unnecessarily. Just count! A third way is this. When you talk, please feel that you are buying some rubbish which you will not use. When you are talking unnecessarily, always feel that you are buying something which is meaningless, useless. You are talking and the other person is talking — action and reaction — and it is all meaningless and useless.

One of my disciples used to talk too much, so our president, Dulal, discovered his own method for dealing with this problem. He said to her, "Each time you talk to Guru or anybody for a long time, feel that you are making a long-distance telephone call. Then, when the phone bill arrives, you will be careful not to make that same mistake again." If you can imagine that you are making a long-distance telephone call, you will not talk so much because at the end of the month you will have an exorbitant bill. These are practical ways to reduce your talking.