Question: Passing my tests at school.

Sri Chinmoy: Why? You don't like to study?

Questionner: I study, but I get nervous and then I forget.

Sri Chinmoy: All right. From now on when you go to study, before you open the book, just think of me. Think of me for two or three minutes, and then think that you know much more than that particular book can teach you. This is not pride; this is real wisdom. I definitely have more wisdom than any book can have; so if you become one with me, you will also have wisdom, and this is far more powerful than knowledge. Next, try to feel that you have studied the book because you have thought of me for a few minutes. Because of my oneness with God, my soul has studied all books. Because I have realised God there is nothing I have not done. So you think of me, and with your aspiration you become one with me, with my knowledge. Then, you also will have studied the book. Once you have studied something, automatically it becomes easier for you to learn it again. So before you read a book, just think of me and think that you have read it already. You are not fooling yourself because first you have thought of me and become one with me, and my soul has already studied the book. Through your oneness you have also studied it.

Right now when you study, you become weak and feel that the book is like a roaring lion. But instead, think that you are more powerful than the book. Always think of yourself as much stronger than the book. When fear comes, then you become nervous; but when you feel stronger than the book, you become the master of the book. If you feel that you have read it once, then you will become stronger than the book itself. The book was an opponent, but now it has become weaker than you because you have become one with me. So always think of me before you study, and you will do well.