Question: Fear.

Sri Chinmoy: Why are you afraid? We are afraid of someone because we feel that that person is not of us or for us. If we think that we are one with someone and that person is one with us, then we are not afraid of him. Look at your hand. Your hand has strength. Now look at your nose. Its strength is less than the strength of your hand, but it is not afraid of the hand because it knows they both belong to the same body; they are one. If your hand wanted to box your nose, it could do it. But your hand will not do it because it knows that it is one with the nose. So when you think of others, immediately remember your own body with all its different parts and how peacefully they stay together. One part of your body is not afraid of another part. Your hands will not deliberately do anything undivine to your nose. If you can feel oneness with others in this way, you will not be afraid. Always think of your oneness with the rest of the world. As the limbs of your body are working together, so also is the world-body working together. Think of that, and you will not be afraid of others.