Question: How can I keep the Beauty of the Supreme with me with the highest purity possible?

Sri Chinmoy: While breathing in, with each breath try to repeat "Supreme" slowly seven times and again do it seven times while breathing out. Inside you there are seven higher worlds and seven lower worlds. When you repeat "Supreme" while breathing in, feel that you are going into the seven higher worlds inside you. Once you have reached the seven higher worlds you will find solid power. When you breathe out, think of the seven lower worlds within you and try to throw the strength of the higher worlds into them. Accumulate everything in the higher worlds and then, when you are breathing out and saying "Supreme, Supreme, Supreme… ," enter into the lower worlds with peace, light and bliss to purify the lower worlds. First go up; then enter into the lower worlds where it is all ignorance and impurity. If you can purify the lower worlds after having reached the heights, you do not have to worry at all. The Beauty of the Supreme will always remain with you.