Part III — Question and answers

These questions were asked by disciples of Sri Chinmoy's Green Centre on 11 February 1977.

Question: Ever since I began to try to meditate, after a few minutes of meditating I get a strange feeling, almost like tension in my head, and sometimes it is very distracting.

Sri Chinmoy: In that case, please feel that you do not have a head or a forehead; only feel that you have a heart. Try to focus all your attention on your heart. You belong to the heart; that is where your consciousness is, not in the head. Deliberately try to concentrate on your heart, not on anything else. You can even keep a mirror in front of you, and look at your own heart if you find it difficult to concentrate inwardly on your heart.

Another thing you can do is look at my picture and, instead of looking at my third eye, look at my heart. Either concentrate on your own heart, with or without a mirror, or look at my picture and feel my heart – whichever way pleases you. You have this tension because you are meditating in the wrong place. You are meditating inside the mind, which is not advisable for those on our path.