Question: How can I control my thoughts?

Sri Chinmoy: If these thoughts are not good thoughts, if they are not divine, if they are unhealthy, there are two ways to control them. One way is to feel that there is a room inside your mind, and naturally the room has a door. It is your room; so you can stand outside the door and not allow any thought to come in. You can keep the mind-room under lock and key and stand at the door. Since it is your room, who can enter without your permission? But if you leave the door open, anybody can come in. Once they are inside it is difficult for you to throw them out, so you have to prevent them from coming in in the first place.

The other way is this: when a thought comes that is not pure, good or divine, then immediately repeat the word "Supreme" very fast. The Supreme is my Guru, your Guru, everybody's Guru. All those who have accepted our path must know that the Supreme is the real Guru. So repeat "Supreme" very fast, and each time you use the word "Supreme", please feel that you are creating a snake that will coil around the undivine thought and strangle it. If jealousy comes, say "Supreme" very fast, and you will see that around the jealous thought is a coil which will strangle the jealousy. Both ways are very effective. You can use whichever way satisfies you most.