A seeker's resolution, revolution and evolution2

The seeker's first friend is resolution. Resolution is his intimate friend. Revolution is the seeker's second friend. This friend is also an intimate friend and undoubtedly a good friend as well. Finally, the seeker gets evolution as his friend. Evolution is the seeker's birthless and deathless friend.

A seeker's resolution-friend is in the idea-world. A seeker's revolution-friend is in the ideal-world. A seeker's evolution-friend is in the reality-world.

A seeker's thinking and searching mind likes resolution-flames. A seeker's challenging and dynamic vital likes revolution-fire. A seeker's crying and sacrificing heart likes evolution-glow.

The seeker's thinking and searching mind thinks that it can conquer ignorance-night. Indeed, this is an absurd idea. Nevertheless, this effort is a forward, upward and inward movement.

The seeker's challenging and dynamic vital feels that it can easily conquer ignorance-sea. Indeed, this is nothing short of impossibility. Nevertheless, this effort is a forward, upward and inward movement.

The seeker's crying and sacrificing heart knows perfectly well that it can never conquer ignorance. Only God, the Author of all Good, can conquer ignorance in him, through him and for him. At that time, and only at that time, will it be possible for the crying and sacrificing heart to see the face of transformation and illumination.

The seeker's resolution, revolution and evolution have discovered that life is a continuous struggle. It is a struggle between what the seeker has and what the seeker has not. What the seeker has is frustration-possession. He wants to possess, but he finds that his possessions are nothing short of frustration to him. They are a heavy load that he has to carry. When he wants to run fast, faster, fastest towards the ultimate Goal, he discovers that he is possessed and bound by his possessions. What the seeker has not is renunciation-light, dedication-light, love-light, devotion-light, surrender-light, oneness-light and perfection-light.

Resolution is in the inner world. Revolution is in the outer world. Evolution is in both the outer world and the inner world. First, the seeker resolves to become a good and perfect instrument; but still he is at the mercy of his own difficulties, shortcomings and weaknesses. Then there comes a time when he revolts against his own reality, which is ignorance, and he feels an indomitable urge to fight against it. Finally there comes a time when the seeker wants to make progress both in the inner world and in the outer world. At that time, what he needs is necessity. But necessity is not enough. He has to go one step further and get the message of opportunity. Opportunity has to knock at the seeker's heart-door; then only can necessity be fulfilled. Again, opportunity is not enough. Opportunity has to be helped by Divinity's Reality. When God's Hour strikes, only then is opportunity effective. Before that time, it is of no avail.

When, in the course of evolution, God's Hour strikes, the seeker finally sees, feels and grows into his own inner mounting flame. He sees that God, his Almighty Father, is both his starting point and his Goal. He sees that God is in him, guiding him and running with him, teaching him how to run along Eternity's Road in order to reach Infinity's Light and Immortality's Delight.

OR 2. State University of New York, Buffalo, New York, 14 May 1977