A seeker3

A seeker is at once a giver and a receiver. A seeker gives his inspiration. How does he give? He gives soulfully. Why does he give? He gives because he feels that he has to establish his oneness-heart here, there and everywhere in order to get boundless joy and satisfaction in life.

A seeker receives. What does he receive? He receives love from above. How does he receive? He receives devotedly. Why does he receive? He receives precisely because he wants to increase his capacity, both inner and outer, so that he can become a better, more fulfilling instrument in God's creation.

A seeker is an earth-lover. He is also a Heaven-lover. He loves the suffering and bleeding heart of earth. He loves the smiling soul of Heaven.

A seeker loves man. He loves man because he sees that, like him, each individual is struggling, struggling. Since other human beings are sailing in the same boat as he is, he feels that it is his bounden duty to sympathise with his fellow beings.

A seeker loves God. He loves God because God is always more than willing to shower His choicest Blessings upon His creation, because God wants to inundate each human being with His boundless Compassion and fathomless Love and Concern.

A seeker is a representative. He represents earth, and he represents Heaven. He carries earth's excruciating pangs to Heaven, and he brings down Heaven's Light and Delight in boundless measure to earth. A seeker is humanity's representative to Divinity and Divinity's promise and assurance to humanity.

A seeker is his body's representative. He is also his soul's representative. He enters into the soul and tells the soul that he and his body are ready to enter into the field of manifestation and manifest the soul's light here on earth. He comes to the physical body and tells the body that he and his soul are now more than willing to help the body-consciousness realise the highest transcendental Consciousness.

A seeker is humanity's progress when humanity aspires. A seeker is humanity's success when humanity desires. But a seeker feels in the inmost recesses of his heart that a day will dawn when he will not have to carry humanity's desire-life, for there will be no desire-life then, only aspiration-life. Then, with his heart's ceaseless delight he will carry humanity's progress alone to the higher worlds.

Success belongs to the ordinary world. Progress belongs to the inner world or the higher world. But Divinity does not and cannot expect a life of progress from humanity all at once. It knows perfectly well that humanity has to start with the message of success first. Then, eventually, humanity will have a higher goal: progress. Success is the satisfaction that does not last, because it is easily thwarted by others' achievements. But progress has no competitor, no rival, since it is part and parcel of man's inner cry.

A seeker climbs slowly, steadily and unerringly. He is a flower that blossoms petal by petal. When this flower is fully blossomed, it is all satisfaction, satisfaction in perfection.

A seeker and his Beloved Supreme sail in the same boat. This boat is the Supreme's Silence-Victory-Boat, which is sailing towards the Sound-Reality-Shore.

The seeker says to the Supreme, his Beloved Lord, "Lord, I am giving You what I have: my heart's inner cry." The Lord says to the seeker, "My child, I am giving you what I am. I am your Source, I am your self-same Divinity's Reality. In you, through you, I fulfil My birthless Vision and My deathless Reality. My creation and My Vision are inseparable, but My creation is not always aware of My Vision, whereas My Vision is always aware of My creation. My child, you are the creation and I am the Vision. In Vision, what looms large is creation; and in creation, what looms large is Vision, My Vision. My Vision and My creation shall eternally remain inseparable."

OR 3. Fredonia State College, Fredonia, New York, 15 May 1977, 2 pm