Question: Sir, I have done some reading, and I have come across terms that I am sure you know. One is 'Kundalini', and the other is 'Siddhi'. I am wondering what these two terms mean. I don't seem to understand them.

Sri Chinmoy: Kundalini is a process of yoga. Yoga means conscious union with God. Inside our subtle body there are six major psychic centres. When we open these centres, we get occult powers. The process that we follow in order to open them is called kundalini, or kundalini yoga.

The other Sanskrit word you are mentioning is siddhi. It means spiritual power or spiritual attainments. When you get this spiritual power, you can use it according to your sweet will. You can call it spiritual power or occult power. Many people practise kundalini yoga in order to achieve occult powers. If you can open up any psychic centre, you can get the powers that are hidden inside that centre.