Question: Sometimes I feel very confused. When I concentrate and go deeper, I feel it is all for a purpose; it is all part of a movement. I sense a calmness somewhere deep inside. Is this a good thing, or am I deceiving myself?

Sri Chinmoy: No, you are not deceiving yourself. It is absolutely true that we belong to the universal Reality. It is like a tree. A tree has a trunk, it has branches, it has flowers and leaves. If I am a leaf, I still know that I belong to the source, the tree; and along with me I know there are countless other leaves and countless flowers. We have a big family of leaves, flowers, fruits and branches; but the family is all part of the cosmic tree. There are countless souls growing on this tree. Each soul is destined to do something special for the Absolute Supreme. The movement that you see or feel within you is the cosmic movement that each seeker eventually has to see and feel for he himself has chosen to take a conscious part in this Cosmic Game.