Question: What will it be like when divinity is more manifested?

Sri Chinmoy: Treachery will go away, first of all. Then, people will think more of one another and less of themselves, as a spiritual Master does. I can meditate all the time for myself, but I don't do that. Instead, I concentrate on my disciples; I help them and others who want and need my light. In this way I serve them, and I get joy. As long as I am of service, I am fulfilling my role on earth. But right now, it is not like that with everybody. When divinity is more manifested, people will offer themselves more for the cause of others than for themselves. Now you will say, "If one is not realised, how can he help others?" But you can help, according to your own achievement. Always we have to be of service to those who need us. When divinity is more manifested, each one will offer himself to the service of mankind and each one will have something to receive which he has not yet manifested.