Question: Is there a limit to any record?

Sri Chinmoy: There is only one limit: how much God wants to reveal Himself through each individual. The only limit is God's Will. God waits and waits and waits. Then, if He sees that somebody is receptive or that somebody has worked very hard, He may do something through that individual.

For God, this is quite natural, but we call it a miracle. If we feel that something is a miracle, then we have more faith than if we feel something is natural. At night the flowers are closed, and in the morning all of a sudden the petals open. Because we are seeing it every day, we feel it is natural. We go to sleep at night and are totally unconscious. The following day we get up, and we feel it is perfectly natural. Again, one day we don't get up, and then it becomes unnatural; we call it death. But if we take it from another angle, everything is a miracle. After four or five hours of sleeping, all of a sudden we get up, like the flower opening its petals. Everything that we experience, we can take as a miracle. Is there anything that is not a miracle in life?

Records will always be broken. But that doesn't mean that someone will be able to run one mile in a minute. In the inner world it is quite possible to run a mile in a minute. Occultists can do it. In a fleeting minute they will be able to run a mile. But that is something else. At that time they are not in the physical, whereas you are talking about achieving something in the physical. But on the earthly plane, Bannister, Lande, Scott, Maree, Coghlan and all the other great runners will go on breaking records, and the world will continue to progress.