Question: If a person is already very good in any one field, say in sports, should he spend all of his time in that field or try to broaden himself, even though that may sacrifice his athletic capacities?

Sri Chinmoy: If a particular athlete has already achieved, let us say, tremendous recognition in a particular field, it is advisable for him to enter into other fields if time permits. For if he can manifest his soul's light in more fields, he is in a position to offer more to the world at large. But by entering into other fields, if he loses all his capacity in the particular field in which he has excelled for a number of years, then it will be a deplorable mistake.

Suppose that somebody has become an accomplished musician. In order to become an accomplished musician, he had to practise for eight or ten hours a day. But now that he has achieved a certain standard, even if he practises, say, for an hour or half an hour a day, he will not lose his standard. For him to enter into another field will be advisable. If he can maintain the same capacity in the field in which he already excels and go beyond this to explore other fields as well, then that is even better. For the more fields he can cover, the more he will be able to offer to the world at large. So it all depends on his capacity. If he has the capacity, let him widen himself and branch off into various fields. But if he does not have the capacity, then let him remain with his one achievement.