With me, in me, for me11

Some disciples just joined our Christmas Trip yesterday. How do they get the desire to go immediately to see waterfalls or other sights? If people who have been on the trip for some time want to go sightseeing, they can go. But those who have just come, who have travelled so far to join our spiritual functions, do they have to go immediately and see waterfalls? Where is their aspiration? Where is their love for their Master? How much do they value their spiritual life? I do care for these people. They are very good disciples, but I do not know how they get this kind of idea to go immediately for sightseeing.

Please stay here for a few days. Receive something from me and assimilate it. Then you can go out for sightseeing. But to come here and then go immediately for a whole day — that is too much. It is a painful experience for me when you do not value my presence.

There are disciples who have been with us for thirty years or more who belong to the small percentage who are fast asleep, fast asleep. They are in my boat, but they do not realise that they are fast asleep on my path. Some disciples are wholeheartedly with me and wholeheartedly for me. Again, many are with me, but they are not wholeheartedly for me, I know. And some are fast asleep. They have been on our path from one year to thirty-five years. These kinds of disciples I have.

Ask yourself where you stand. Millions of things are happening. Some people are siding with negative forces, and yet they are pretending to be good seekers. A God-realised person can never, never be fooled, but he pretends that he is fooled, he is fooled. Who is with me? Who is for me? Nobody else knows better than I do, but please do not try to fool me. Be sincere to yourself.

Always, always, there are so many enemies inside our own heart, inside our mind, inside our body. Why do we need more enemies? Those inner enemies we are trying so hard to get rid of. Shall we welcome negative forces from the outside world? Please make it a point to avoid those negative forces. People who are criticising the spiritual life, no matter who they are, in the tug-of-war are not with us.

Again, it may happen that some former disciples will prove — not now, but eventually — that they have been unimaginably faithful to me. “Unimaginably” is the right word. They will come forward.

This is my request to you all: either be wholeheartedly with me and wholeheartedly for me, or know where you stand. Obedience, obedience! If I request you all not to do something, some of you will feel, “No, I am allowed, I am allowed.” But if you are on the path, every day and every moment I expect obedience from you. Please see if you want to please me every second, in every aspect of your life.

In the outer world, in your outer life, if you cannot please me, are you going to please me with your inner life, with your thoughts? It is so difficult to control the mind! Inner obedience is extremely difficult — much more difficult than outer obedience. If you cannot please me with your outer obedience, how can I ever expect that you will please me with your inner obedience? It is absurdity.

This boat is mine. I am the owner of the boat, I am the boat and I am the boatman. Do not indulge in undivine friendships. Spiritual people have infinitely more important things to do on earth. Our whole life is founded upon peace, but so many problems are threatening the whole world. Who is responsible? God alone knows, God alone knows.

If you are with me, be one hundred per cent with me, with your prayers and meditations. To all of you I am saying, if you wish to remain on our path, please be wholeheartedly with me and for me.

Give value to your devotedness, your faithfulness to your Master. If you leave the path, you can have another Master, another life. Then you can be devoted to that life. But as long as you are going to stay with me for even one minute more, be inwardly and outwardly for me, wholeheartedly.

Again, some disciples are wholeheartedly with me and wholeheartedly for me. Other disciples fool themselves by thinking that they are extraordinary. They always think that they are first-class, but they do nothing, nothing, nothing. They are only fooling themselves.

Please judge yourself. See if you are among my first-class disciples. If you use your heart, not your mind, your heart will definitely tell you if you are third-class, fast asleep. If you pray and meditate sincerely and ask your heart which category you belong to, your heart will tell you if you are third-class, fast asleep, no matter when you joined the path. If you are only with me physically, but not wholeheartedly for me, then you are in the next category, those whom we call fair-weather friends. Again, there are a few people who are super-excellent, who are really for me. Some are super-excellent, some are sleeping, and quite a few are fair-weather friends.

If you want to be in my boat, twenty-four hours a day be with me, in me and for me. Otherwise, the wrong forces may take you away in the twinkling of an eye.

Mine is nothing but a tiny world, but this world of ours is very, very vast. Some spiritual people are on earth, some spiritual Masters are on earth. How hard we are trying to save this earth-planet, only God knows.

OSO 14. 27 and 28 January 2002, Orchid Garden Hotel, Brunei, Darussalam