Never hate anything, never hate anybody1

Life changes! Today I say one thing, and tomorrow I can say diametrically the opposite. I have proved it in weightlifting. Four thousand or five thousand people I have lifted, and I have also lifted heavy, heavy weights. The videos prove that I have lifted heavy weights. And how much I disliked weightlifting, God alone knows!

Never hate anything. Never hate anybody. If you hate someone, then all his bad qualities will enter into you. The best thing is only to see the good qualities in human beings. The bad qualities if you see today, tomorrow they will come into you secretly. Then they will devour you.

Again I wish to say, never, never speak ill of others. Alas, we human beings speak ill of others, and then we suffer.

  1. OSO 18. 5 February 2002, Nexus Resort Karambunai, Kota Kinabalu Sabah, Malaysia