Work together, together, together21

All those who have put up the stage for today’s programme, defying the threat of rain, and all those who have worked in other capacities deserve my very special blessings, love and gratitude, and specially, specially the leader whom I appointed. Under his able guidance, all of you have worked so hard. For that I am very, very grateful. And then again, for decorations, someone else was the leader. I am very, very grateful to those who worked cheerfully under that leader also.

Whenever I make someone the leader of a project, if you are willing to work happily, cheerfully, proudly and self-givingly under that individual, I get boundless joy and pride. Today, under the direction of one particular individual you have worked, and I am so grateful. For different projects, when you work under other leaders, I am also extremely grateful.

In every field there is a leader. Unfortunately, it happens that, when we make someone a leader, some others — not all — do not want to work happily, cheerfully, proudly and self-givingly. This is a very painful experience for me. But whenever you work very happily, cheerfully, proudly and self-givingly under the leadership of someone whom I have chosen, it gives me boundless hope, boundless joy and boundless divine pride. I feel that here we do have a oneness-family, a oneness-heart-family. This is what we need. This is what the entire world needs: a oneness-heart-family. And we are trying to create that oneness-heart-family.

All of you kindly work together, together, together. In every field, in everything that we do, there is a leader. The actual Leader is the Supreme, our Lord Beloved Supreme. We are His mere instruments. But on the physical plane there should be someone to guide us, to help us, to inspire us. When we abide by his requests, then we do fulfil the Vision of our Lord Supreme.

In this rain, so many people worked! Perhaps it was a very difficult task. But we are always aiming at doing difficult tasks, difficult tasks. Then only can we value our achievement. Otherwise, if everything is easy, like drinking water, then nobody values it. But to climb up the Himalayas is the most difficult task, and we do value it.

I am very, very grateful to you all. Those who have worked tirelessly, please forgive me if I have not mentioned your names. Do not think that I am deliberately ignoring you! It is just that your names are not coming to my mind. I do know that there are many, many who are working very selflessly in various ways. These last few days all the Aspiration-Ground servers have worked so hard, so hard, so hard. Each one deserves my very special blessings and very special gratitude, and specially one individual. That individual has worked very, very hard to overcome some unfortunate experiences.

All those who have served the Supreme in me sincerely, soulfully and self-givingly definitely deserve my boundless love and my boundless gratitude, gratitude and gratitude.

OSO 24. 29 August 2002, after award programme for "Lifting up the world with a oneness-heart", Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York