I identify with you33

“God with His Smile
Has descended upon my head
To shatter my ego-pride

For thousands of things that I have said over the years, I will be sadly, badly misunderstood. There are many, many prayers, countless prayers that I have given in which I use the words “my” and “I.” These prayers are not at all applicable to me, believe me. I identify myself with other human beings, and then I give the prayers. The future world, and even some of my disciples, will misunderstand me and lose faith in me. They will say, “Oh, Guru, you are begging!”

No, after God-realisation you do not beg for yourself. If you beg, it is because you are identifying yourself with humanity. Thousands of times in my poems I have done it.

This morning I scolded someone so seriously! Then I identified myself with the person and gave this prayer. You can easily misunderstand me, but God absolutely did not descend upon me. God descended upon somebody else to smash the ego-pride of that person. In that way, thousands and thousands of times I have written poems with the words “I” and “my.” Again, I have begged, begged for humanity, begged for everybody. But when I write as an individual, when I say I am useless, hopeless and helpless, I am identifying myself with somebody else.

In the case of the Saviour Jesus Christ, his enemies will declare that, before he said, “Let Thy Will be done,” he said, “God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” His enemies will say, “If he is God-realised, how can God forsake him?” Always there is misunderstanding, misunderstanding. So many millions of people cannot understand why the Christ said that God had forsaken him. He identified himself with humanity. He died for humanity. But when he said that God had forsaken him, it was not that God had forsaken the Christ himself. No, not even temporarily did God forsake the Saviour Christ.

Many times, millions of times, spiritual Masters identify themselves with the rest of the poor, suffering humanity. They become one with humanity. If I can pray with you according to your standard, in you and through you, then you receive more, and I get the divine results. Today I have composed this particular prayer. If you have pride, let us say, and you recite this prayer, it will help you considerably.

But again, if you are a rank fool you will say, “My God, that means pride really entered into Guru this morning! If early in the morning pride and ego enter into Guru, and we are not as developed as Guru, then where is the hope for us?”

That is called the mind’s philosophy.

Once again I am telling you, and please remember it: I identify with you. I identify with you entirely. I do it millions of times. But if you are not advanced enough or developed enough, you will argue with your mind. You will say, “O my God, if Guru suffers from ego, then how can we, his disciples, get rid of our ego?”

Ego is bad, very bad. But definitely there is an ego that we need, all of us need. There is a divine ego that says, “I am God’s child. It is beneath my dignity to make friends with darkness and ignorance.” That pride is called divine pride. It says, “I am God’s child. God has chosen me to serve Him. How can I descend? How can I stoop to ignorance?” That pride is good. I claim God to be mine, the way God claims me to be His own. That divine pride only expands and expands. I tell myself, “I am God’s pride. I am God’s child, His chosen child. How can I enter into ignorance? How can I do undivine, stupid things?” That ego helps us tremendously. Our ignorance stops there. That ego is divine ego. It is totally different from the human ego. That ego is oneness with God. It tells us, “I cannot do this, I cannot do that, I cannot say that.” We need divine ego.

Even from this message you can get a prayer!

OSO 34. 9 January 2006, Awana Kijal Golf, Beach and Spa Resort Kijal, Malaysia

OSO 34,1. Sri Chinmoy, My Christmas-New Year-Vacation-Aspiration Prayers, Part 46,