Our sweetest oneness39

Father’s Day 2006

Father’s Day Prayer and Song

“The human father
Gives his children earth-affection.
The Divine Father
Gives His children Heaven-Delight.”40

I am useful only when my sweet children are with me, in me and for me. I had aspiration, and with your dedication you have made me known throughout the length and breadth of the world. My aspiration is all gratitude to your service, unprecedented service. I am very, very grateful to you, extremely grateful to you all, and extremely proud of you, proud of you, proud of you.

You have made me what I am today. A tinier than the tiniest village is where I saw the light of day. I saw the light of day in Shakpura. Now you have offered to the world my inner light. It is simply a miracle. With your aspiration and your dedication you have brought my inner light to the fore, and you are helping me unimaginably to spread my inner light here, there, everywhere, everywhere.

Today I am telling you that I am your spiritual father, and throughout Eternity you will remain my spiritual children. Once my soul has accepted you, you can rest assured that you belong to me and I belong to you. I belong to you; you belong to me. There is no third party in between you and me. My children, there is nobody to block our sweetest oneness. You are for me, and I am for you. This is not only our conviction, but also our realisation.

At times the father can be strict. But again, the same father has ever-glowing and ever-growing affection, love, sweetness and fondness for his children, and I am that father. I am that father to love you every day more and more and more and more. And if you have a little bit of imperfection, I gladly take it as my own, very own. Never be afraid of your imperfections or your weaknesses. Just throw them into me, as you throw garbage into the garbage can. Everything that you have, good or bad, my universal heart is more than happy to accept from you. Your good qualities and bad qualities just offer to me. My Universal Consciousness — which I have and which I am, believe it or not — will gladly accept and house all your qualities, good and bad.

Once more I am telling you, my heart’s infinite gratitude, gratitude and gratitude I am offering to each of you. Infinite, infinite, infinite — I repeat — infinite gratitude I am offering to each of you, for you have made me what I am now for world service.

OSO 38. Father's Day, 18 June 2006, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York

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