Only one Goal1

Dear ones, you are all my disciples, so I am sure you see something inside my Transcendental Photograph. If I have left behind anything that Mother Earth will cherish throughout Eternity, then it is my Transcendental Photograph that will remain for Mother Earth. Forgive me for bragging; you are accustomed to my bragging. Forgive me to say that this photograph is not only humanity's peerless treasure, it is Divinity's treasure as well. My Transcendental Photograph is both humanity's peerless treasure and Divinity's treasure.

It is not a matter of thinking, it is not a matter of feeling; it is a matter of becoming. I hope that each and every disciple of mine wants to become my Transcendental Consciousness. That is my only hope.

Today I hope, and one day I will be able to dare to promise. I hope and I shall promise, that one day you will definitely grow into my Transcendental Consciousness. You will do it, either tomorrow or in the distant future, or in one of your future incarnations.

I may go perhaps one step ahead. If you become my Transcendental Consciousness, then there is no one, there is nothing, either in Heaven or on earth, that will not cherish your divinity. Your divinity will be cherished by the Absolute Highest. Perhaps my Transcendental Consciousness embodies the Highest.

Keep this as the only goal in your life: to grow into my Transcendental Consciousness. That is your only goal, your higher than the highest Goal. Forget about all the lesser goals. You can proclaim, "I have only one Goal, and that is my Guru's highest Transcendental Consciousness. This is what I am aiming at, and this is my Guru's hope. My Guru has implicit faith in me and he has promised to me that one day I will be able to grow into that absolutely highest Transcendental Consciousness of his."

Keep this hope; keep this promise. Your hope will be fulfilled. Your promise will be fulfilled by the Absolute Supreme Himself.

  1. OSO 6. 5 November 1997, P.S. 86, Jamaica, New York