A very divine trick1

When I came into the function room this morning, one person was in a very, very high meditation. He did absolutely sublime meditation. For that he has to give a love offering! People who do good meditation have to give a love offering. Why? When they do the very best, there should be a special way for them to remember their achievement. Then, when their consciousness is low, they will say, "On that occasion, Guru said that I did the best meditation."

This trick of mine is a very divine trick. Whenever I appreciate you, you will have to give a love offering of at least a dollar! With your little offering I will not become wealthy or immortal. But if it encourages you to remember the incident — that on such-and-such day you did the best meditation, or something else extraordinary — it will help you considerably.

When you are down, when your consciousness is low and you feel that you have no light, no light, just remember that special moment. Swami Vivekananda always said and I also say that, if you can remember the golden days when you are in the darkest depression, that memory will save you. First you become the victim, and then you become the saviour. You do not need another party to save you. Your own highest life can easily take care of your lowest life.

Alas, we give so much importance to our lowest. We forget that once upon a time we had the highest life.

  1. OSO 8. 24 December 2001, Inter-Continental Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia