If you take human love as a child and divine love as the mother, you will see that this moment the child comes to the mother and the next moment the mother comes to the child. When the mother comes to the child, she gives the child all her love; and when the child comes to the mother, the child gets everything from the mother.

In divine love there is protection. A little child may be tempted by the world. He is standing in front of a pool watching a kite. He is holding onto his mother's hand, but he becomes so excited that he lets go and falls into the pool. But if the mother holds the child, there will be no possibility of the child's dropping into the sea of ignorance. If the temptation-world attracts the child. and if the child is holding onto the mother, he may fall. But if the mother is holding the child, then the child will not be able to enter into the world of temptation. So this is how the divine love saves. In the divine there is always security and certainty.

The Infinite can possess the finite. But the divine will itself be imperfect and incomplete if the human in us is not perfected. The day the human in us-the vital, the mind and our other undivine, unruly, unaspiring members-surrenders to the divine love for transformation, we will have complete perfection. The human can go to the divine or the divine can go to the human. If the divine enters into us, we will always be safe. If we try to go to the divine, the human in us will go one step and the divine will go ninety-nine steps. And even this one step that the human takes is not really certain. It will go half a step and then look around to see whether it has done the right thing or whether anybody is appreciating it. Only when the divine in us comes forward will real progress be made. We don't feel the divine in us because we don't aspire, and we don't believe because we don't want to believe. If we wanted to believe, God would make us believe.

If we do not feel God's Love and Compassion, then we feel that He is conditional, which is absurd. We have to feel that God's Compassion is unconditional. When we enter into eternal time, we will feel that we and God are eternal friends. He is not our boss or our superior, no. He is our eternal friend.

If the human in you says that your Guru is much better than you, the human in me will be bloated with pride. But the divine in me will be miserable because you don't feel our oneness. If I am on the throne, you have to feel inwardly that you are also sitting on the throne. If I am on the floor, then you are on the floor.

When we separate ourselves from God's Reality, immediately we feel, "Oh, He is so great; He has no time to think of us." But if we think of God's Greatness, we will never be able to realise God. We will be able to realise God only if we think of His Goodness. Greatness does not satisfy us, whereas Goodness does satisfy us. A child loves his father, not because he is a very famous person, but because his father is all love, all compassion. We love God, not because He is Lord of the universe, not because He is the Transcendental Being, no. We love God because God is good; that is why we want to remain in God's Heart.

In the ordinary human world, many people are great, but that greatness does not fascinate us for more than five days. Greatness is always boring, but goodness will never be boring. Everything great will lose its charm, but something good will only increase in capacity and quality. Greatness has to fade, because greatness only attracts attention. When greatness looks around, it wants to see if it is getting appreciation and admiration. But when goodness looks around, goodness is grateful that it has been given the chance to be of service. Greatness says to the world, "You are lucky that you have got me as your saviour." Goodness says to the world, "I am lucky that you have given me the opportunity to be of service to you. You could have given the opportunity to somebody else." In goodness, there is no such thing as "they" or "he" or "she". Right now we are not aware of our expanded, enlarged existence, but when we become aware of our enlarged existence, we become all-goodness.