A supremely realised soul

A supremely realised soul is the result of earth's concern and Heaven's special care. The soul. The soul is the eternal beauty in us. The soul is the divinely luminous spark in us. The soul not only consciously knows but constantly embodies the existence of God.

A realised soul. A realised soul is he who smiles with God and cries with man. A realised soul loves man because man needs his love. A realised soul loves God because it is God who feeds the love in him daily.

What is a supremely realised soul? A supremely realised soul is the worst foe of ignorance-night and the best friend of knowledge-light. A supremely realised soul is God's chosen instrument to elevate the consciousness of humanity, to expedite the growth of Divinity in humanity and to transform man's earth-bound mortality into man's Heaven-free immortality. What is Heaven? Heaven is the goal of the soaring bird in us. Heaven teaches us the transcendental song, the song of perfect Perfection. What is earth? Earth is Eternity's patience-tree. Earth is infinity's flowing compassion.

A supremely realised soul is the result of earth's secret concern and Heaven's special care. Why is earth's concern secret? Earth's concern is secret because Mother Earth has millions and billions and trillions of children who consciously or unconsciously try to disturb the Concern that God has for a supremely realised man. That is to say, the jealousy of human beings consciously or unconsciously tries to blunt the aspiration of the greatest seeker before he is supremely realised. What is Heaven's special care? Heaven's special care is inwardly visible but outwardly it is not so visible. If at every moment Heaven did not offer special care to the greatest aspirant who is going to become the supremely realised soul in the future, then the aspirant could never become a supremely realised soul. Heaven has to show special care. It is only on the strength of Heaven's special care and earth's secret concern that the aspirant of today can become not only a realised soul, but the supremely realised soul of tomorrow. Again, the aspirant cannot become supremely realised soul only with the help of Heaven and with the help of earth. No, the aspirant has to consciously concentrate, meditate and contemplate. He has to feel that God-realisation is the only reason he is on earth. He has to feel that it is only his God-realisation that can make him worthy of God's constant compassion and His all transforming Light, Bliss, Peace and Power.

We all have to become realised. We all have to realise the highest within us. We all have to become supremely realised souls. It is only a matter of time. If our aspiration is sincere, then our realisation is absolutely bound to come.