Question: I read once that we have more than two eyes. Is that true?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, there are seven major eyes. You know about the two eyes. Then, between the eyebrows and slightly above is the third eye. Of all the eyes, this third eye is most powerful, most effective. With the third eye we can see the past, present and future. Now, above the third eye there are two more eyes, in the crown centre. With these eyes one can read somebody else's mind. One of the eyes in the crown centre is the eye of identification. If you are totally identified with me, then everything that is in my mind you will be able to know. Then, if you go up and open the other eye that is in the crown centre, you will enter into infinite Peace and infinite Light. If you don't want to come back to this world of sorrow and suffering but only want to remain in infinite Peace, Light and Bliss, you have to open up this eye and stay there. There are also two eyes in the feet.

'Eye' means light. All the chakras are full of light, so whenever we open up a centre, we can say that we are opening up an 'eye'. Actually we have more than seven eyes. Wherever we have light, we have eyes. Spiritual Masters and occultists know that there is light at the tip of the finger. Many times a spiritual Master will use his finger to touch someone or something. He doesn't have to use his third eye or his physical eyes; just by touching, the Master can see the person or thing clearly. Spiritual Masters and occultists use all the eyes whenever it is possible.