Question: How should a spiritual person feel if he earns his living teaching children in school?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to be extremely grateful to the Supreme for giving you the opportunity to teach children, for it means that you are being given the opportunity to become a child yourself. Now you are twenty-two or twenty-three, but your aim is to become a child, the eternal child, so that you can make constant progress in the spiritual life. If you are all the time grateful to the Supreme, then you can make the fastest progress.

When you teach children, do not think that you are serving them because the school authorities are paying you. No, you are serving them because you want to be another child. And there is also another reason that you serve them. When they offer you a smile, feel that this smile immediately comes from the Supreme. Each time a child smiles, it is the expansion of God's Dream-Reality on earth. So, if you remember that, then you will try to serve the Supreme most soulfully and constantly.