Question: Do you have to be a divine person and meditate well in order to realise God?

Sri Chinmoy: Some people who work very, very hard for a spiritual Master will get realisation. They may be nasty to everybody, but they serve the Master like anything.

The Buddha had a cousin who used to speak ill of him. When the cousin died, somebody said to the Buddha, "What will happen to him?" The Buddha said, "Long before you people realise God, he will do it." They said, "How is it possible?" The Buddha answered, "He has already gone very high. All the time he was thinking of me; I was always involved in his life. He was speaking ill of me, criticising me, but he was always thinking of me."

The Buddha did something very nice when he realised God. His mother was in Heaven and there he helped his mother spiritually. I have also done much for my mother and father.