Question: Can you realise God in other people?

Sri Chinmoy: As soon as you realise God in yourself, you will be able to realise God in others. If you start by trying to realise God in others, it is very difficult. But if you become the seed, then it is easy for you to feel that you are also the tree, the branches and the leaves. Again, if you think of the leaves first, it will be very difficult for you to go to the seed, the place from which all this has come into existence. If you look at a tiny leaf, for you to think of the source, which is the seed, is very difficult. But if you feel that you are the source, then it becomes infinitely easier for you to think of the flowers and fruits and everything else as your very own.

So, certainly you can see God in others, but it is a difficult process; whereas if you see God and feel His Presence in yourself first, it becomes very easy to see and feel God in others. It is better to do the easier thing first. Once you see God in yourself, just spread your hands and arms and you will see that others are the branches and leaves. Then you are bound to see God in them. If you try the other approach, doubt may appear in your life. But if you feel that you are the seed, that inside you is the seed, the God-seed, then you are seeing it, feeling it and growing into it. Then where can doubt be? As soon as you see it, automatically your consciousness starts to expand. You see that the same God whom you feel within you is also there in your father, mother, friends and relatives — inside the whole of humanity. So the quickest and most effective process is to see God in yourself first. Then you are bound to see God in everybody.